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  • Hikari TV is a video distribution service provided by NTT Plala Inc. TV and video programs, video-on-demand, and other services are delivered through an optical fiber line. A wide range of genres of programs and video services can be viewed in high resolution.

    We were creating a new video streaming service at the time. I joined the project as one of the members of the team that making web platform.

    There were several teams, such as a video delivery server development team, a video player development team, a user interface development team and a marketing team. And the development of the service was a collaborative effort between us.

    - TASK

    Our team mainly developed frontend and backend. Specifically, we were developing a function that retrieves video-related information from the video streaming server and displays it on the screen so that users can watch the video.

    As it was a large project, I focused on communication. I was lucky, the members were friendly, so communication was not a tough.


    What is the most struggle in the project was cooperation with several teams. For example, a delay in the development of a video streaming server had an impact on our team. So our team had to work hard to make up for the delay.

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