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  • The client's request was the following.

    • Update their brand image as their business grows
    • Enrich content and simplify management
    • Performance Improvement
    • Mobile Optimization

    What did I do?

    I improved the website's structure by dividing it into modules, making it simpler to manage and update.

    This design also made adding new pages easier. I created multiple module types and developed corresponding components. By using GraphQL to gather the data needed for creating pages and using a switch to set up the modules required for each page, users can now display the modules they want in any order they choose.

    Since React Suspense isn't available in Gatsby, we used the Loadable Component instead to enhance the site's performance. With these improvements, the website is now more user-friendly and efficient.

    - RESULT

    The client was pleased with the site, which led to a contract for supporting social media management.

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